Quit Smoking

All the smokers who have successfully failed in their attempts to quit smoking know how difficult it is despite their best intentions. The laws of addiction are such that the body bows to the dictates of mind and before you know the smoking starts again.
In this three days we will explore how strong is the addition of smoking, what makes people continue to smoke and what will happen when you get in to the process of smoking cessation. We will also evaluate the effectiveness of various methods of smoking cessation and which one is the best. Not only this, as a group, all of the participants will quit simultaneously and you will gain knowledge how to handle each day individually. Of course there is going to be a long term guidance on how you can stay away for life.
Needless to say, once you complete this program and have successfully quit at the end of it, you would have done a world of good not only to yourself but also to your spouses, parents and children. Imagine all those things like running with your child, giving a deep hug or being in a conference room without a bad smell, these will come naturally.
One more entity who will be happy is your insurance company. !!!

Nicotine Cessation Tips: You will pick these up and much more during the program.

  • Do not carry cigarettes.
  • Quit one day at a time. Do not bother yourself with the, next day, next week, or month or year for that matter of fact
  • Focus on the purification of your body, not on depriving it of nicotine. You are getting out of a full-fledged nicotine addiction because you care enough about self and more than anyone else you want to do it.
  • Be strong in your resolve, you mind has complete control over your body
  • Maintain your regular activities/routine while quitting. You will be much better in all aspects of life as an ex-smoker than you would be as a smoker.
  • Keep a list of reasons for you quit handy. Read this for 2 minutes if you get an adverse situation in which you may get a psychological trigger to smoke.
  • Drink plenty of liquids (fruit juice, water) in first three days. It will help in flushing out nicotine faster.
  • Your bodily systems are going to work much better, including your senses for smell and digestion. Consider keeping some pre-cut vegetables handy, such as celery, carrots and fruits, avoid binging on candies and pastries.
  • Include a moderate form of regular exercise. Do not over do it, if you have not been exercising. Build up slowly, you body will support you much better as an ex-smoker. Consult you physician on your practical exercise program that is safe for you.
  • Smoking is not a solution if you encounter any form of crisis in your life or situations. Smoking even a puff again will bring the whole addiction back and will further complicate the orginal situation by creating another crisis as you relapse in to nicotine addition.
  • Never be to sure with your body when it comes to testing waters with nicotine again once you have quit. One single puff will hook you again in matter of no time and will bring thousands of cigarettes following the first.
  • Once you have quit, do not let your situations overpower you, every time they come to a point of inflexion, just ask your self how would you feel going back to your old level fo consumption. Smoking is a all or nothing proposition, there is no midway.
  • Savings by not smoking may not enable you to buy a Ferrari, but the sheer joy of buying something for yourself or yoru near and dear ones from the savings can give you spirit and soul a complete satisfaction. One single good deed of nicotine cessation will improve your health as well as your relations.
  • Practice deep breathing on a daily basis, use it whenever you may get an unwarranted craving.
  • During your initial days you should more often visit places where you may not be able to smoke, just as malls, movies, libraries. Avoid get together’s with smoking friends for initial few weeks. Friends will get together again, but if you catch up again with nicotine it may not leave you till end of your life.
  • Telling people around you is a matter of personal choice. Do as you deem fit. Your own resolve here is more important than anything else.
  • Remember there will be only two reason to take a puff again once you quit. You drive yourself to first crippling and then killing your self or you decide to be clutch of constant withdrawal ever after. None of these options are appealing enough for a sound minded individual.