Mr. Mudit Mittal- Senior Railways official

My journey in tobacco started around 1988-89. In fact, Mr. Prakash and I embarked on it together. So I felt a bit hurt when suddenly, a few years back, Prakash announced that he has quit tobacco. Initially I thought it was just a passing fad - something that occurs to all addicts from time to time - but he proved quite firm in his resolve. However, this did leave an indelible impression on me. If Prakash can quit, why can't I? Actually I tried abstaining few times, but the temptation and comfort provided by tobacco was just too much. To give credit where its due, Prakashkept on pestering me, gently but firmly, every so often to give it up.
Then one day it happened. Yes, it was like that. Just happened. I decided to quit tobacco.
I was quite unsure at first. Will I be able to pull it off? Won't it be just like one of my previous attempts? So, I waited 24 hours. It was tough and I often felt delusional during this period. However, once 24 hours had passed, I called up Prakash, broke the news and asked him what's in store for me. Like a good friend, philospher and guide, he listened, congratulated and laid down a broad roadmap on what to expect, every few hours, going forward.
I'm sure every quitter has his own experiences to narrate, but mine were broadly in line with what Prakash had listed out. I'm grateful to him for being there and wish him all success in his endeavour.

Dr. Pankaj Malhotra, Periodontist & Implantologist, BDS, MDS, FISOI, FAGE, PGDHM

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Dr. Amitabh sagar (MBBS, MD, MRCP(UK), MRCP(London), FACP(USA), AAHIVS(USA))

'Nicotine makes a person dead from inside and out. Every moment you live is on a burst of a puff from a cigarette . Quit the habit . Learn to live as you were born . Harness the power of your mind, independent of a dirty push by nicotine and feel free, vibrant, energetic, focused, and alive ! '